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Award for Prof. Dr. Axel Ngonga 
Photo: Next Einstein Forum Bildinformationen anzeigen

Award for Prof. Dr. Axel Ngonga Photo: Next Einstein Forum

Welcome to the Data Science Group

The Data Science (DICE) group develops methods, algorithms and applications for the extraction, integration, storage, querying, access and consumption of large-scale datasets. In contrast to most other groups, DICE focusses on knowledge-driven methods. We hence rely and extend on knowledge representation standards developed for the Semantic Web.  The area of application of our research include but are not limited to solutions for federated queries on the Web, knowledge extraction from text and other types of datasets, knowledge integration and fusion, keyword-based search and question answering.

We are dedicated to open-source software and open publications. Have a look at our tool page to find a list of the open-source frameworks we offer. These tools and frameworks implement our innovative approaches to the problems aforementioned and are designed to facilitate their swift integration into industry projects. Our project page gives you an overview of the projects we have worked or are working on. Interested in working with us? Please click here to contact us.


Public SANSA Notebooks Deployment

| In this blog post, we highlight the demonstration of SANSA Notebooks. Semantic Analytics Stack (SANSA) is a project for developing open source algorithms for distributed data processing for large-scale RDF knowledge graphs. SANSA Notebooks are...

Automatic Generation of Benchmarks for Entity Recognition and Linking

| Since the amount of available textual documents is growing, there is also a growing need to be able to process these documents in an automatic way. Therefore, Named Entity Recognition and Linking are becoming more and more important for automatically...

DICE as organizers at ESWC 2018

| DICE organizes 3 challenges and 2 workshops at the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2018  


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Data Science

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