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Studierende auf der Lernfläche des Instituts für Informatik, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft
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Studierende auf der Lernfläche des Instituts für Informatik, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft

CS Department Computer Pools

The IRB provides several Rooms equipped with modern computers for CS Department and student.Details about use and reservation of these and the computers therein follow.

We currently offer the following Computer Pools:

Our pool computers shut down automatically. Please do not manually power them off.

Rules of Conduct
  • Inform IRB Staff (GvD) if you suspect there to be a problem in the pool rooms.
  • Keep the workstations clean.
  • Users with work to do have priority over casual computer usage when computer workspaces are limited.
  • Keep unncessary noise to a minimum.
  • Do not keep sessions locked longer than ~10 Minutes.
  • The unauthorized transfer of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited! Violation may result in civil or criminal charges.
Magnetic Stripe Access Cards

All IRB-managed Computer Pools are locked starting 18:00. Access after-hours is only available via magnetic access card.

The standard set of permissions issued on our cards allows access to the following rooms. Access to other rooms is only granted upon request on a case-by-case basis.

  • D3.301
  • D3.339
  • D3.344
  • E1.111
  • E1.129
  • E1.303
  • P16.12.4
  • P17.09.3
  • P72.02

These access cards are available at the IRB campus office in exchange for your signature. Please also bring some form of picture ID to verify your identity.

Magnetic cards can only be issued to IMT accounts with CS-Department delegated administration rights. A tutorial for this is found here.

Important: CS Department practice sessions do not require access cards, as they only take place while pool rooms are unlocked. An exception to this are the Computer Engineering rooms in building P7 and the "Silent" Pool in building E1. Please notify us if you suspect a room to be irregularly locked.

Windows in Pools

Users forced to use Windows software may do so by choosing one of two special session types on the login screen:

  • Windows 10
  • Lego Mindstorm

The first allows direkt access to our experimental virtual Windows 10 Computer Pool which is located in our AD domain and has access to the IMT home directory and our printers as well as MS Office. Detailed information regarding this pool is available on the relevant page.

We do not offer locally installed Windows Systems on physical pool computers.



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