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Research Exchange

We promote exchange of research and discussion about the various, exciting computer science topics, which appear in the technologies of our everyday lives and in the future.

Research inSight

With our monthly article series "Research inSight", we present current research topics of the University of Paderborn's Computer Science Department. We deliberately omit trade language and purely scientific presentations in order to reach the public at large.

Computer Science Colloquium

Our Paderborn computer science colloquium affords you the opportunity to have a look at the discipline of computer science. Apart from international guests from the world of science, we also host speakers from the economic sector, to give ideas and opinions on current research topics. Before and after the colloquium presentation, you have the opportunity to exchange experiences and views with other participants.

Films about Computer Science in Paderborn

Imagefilm, Institut für Informatik








The University for the Information Society