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Current news from the Examination Committee of Computer Science & Computer Engineering

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CS | Transition rules from the current exam regulations to the new exam regulations 2017

| After the successful accreditation of the Computer Science study program at the beginning of this year, the study structures and exam regulations will change by the beginning of winter semester 2017/18. In the attached document, we present the rules...

CE | Examination options for the Master mandatory module “Computer Science"

| The mandatory module “Computer Science” consists of the three courses “Operating Systems (OS)”, “Advanced Computer Architecture (ACA)” and “Hardware/Software Codesign (HSCD)”. HSCD is offered in the summer semester, the other two courses are offered...

CE | Regulation for the course “Circuits and Systems Design”

| This information is only relevant for students who (have passed the course “Schaltungstechnik” / Prof. Scheytt in the Bachelor program OR attend this course in the winter semester 2016/17) AND (study in the Master program OR study in the Bachelor...

CE | Bachelor course “Projektmanagement” available in PAUL

| There was a problem with the course “Projektmanagement” (3rd semester): the course was not visible for registration in PAUL. The problem has been fixed, interested students can register for this course in PAUL beginning with Monday October 10, 2016.

CS | Registration and De-Registration for Seminars and Project Groups (Update)

| Please note that you have to register for seminars and project groups just like for all other classes both for the course itself and for the corresponding exam. ... Without registration for the course, you can not register for the exam; without...

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