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Latest update: March 30, 2017

Please refer to the current notifications that describe the modules and how to complete them. The list shown here is based on the module handbook of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs as of SS 13.

Modules in the Master Degree Course

Module Handbook- complete [PDF]

Important notes:

  • Starting with the upcoming summer semester 2015 the regulation that within the modules of the HCI area (modules III.4.1 - III.4.6) one class is labelled as obligatory, is cancelled. From this moment on you can select freely between the classes listed within the module.
  • Prof. Keil's module III.4.4 Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Learning (M.079.3424) can not be given any more due to teaching capacity problems. From summer semester 2015 on it is no more possible to register for this module. Students who already have booked one class into that module should contact the Central Examination Office with the request to modify this booking accordingly.

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