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Final Thesis

A list of the currently offered topics for a Bachelor's Thesis or a Master's Thesis can be found either online at the websites of the respective professors and their disciplines, or posted on the bulletin boards outside the professors’ offices

Master’s Thesis

In a Master’s Thesis, candidates demonstrate their ability to independently perform scientific research on an appropriately challenging theme that also provides them the opportunity to develop their own ideas. On the basis of the "state-of-the-art" processes, the students must systematically apply the methods of computer science and they reveal their results in a public presentation open to all faculty members.

Writing a Master’s Thesis usually requires 5 months (full-time). Before this period begins, candidates must first design a work plan, amounting to a total of 5 ECTS credit points and roughly equivalent to one additional month of full-time research. Therefore, the total workload for a Master’s Thesis amounts to 6 months.

Information on writing a Master’s Thesis (from the Böttcher page only available in German)

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