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Computer Engineering Group Show image information

Computer Engineering Group


New video about project group HPEPC

| The faculty has released a new video about the project group HPEPC.

New Administrative Assistant

| The Computer Engineering Group welcomes Jennifer Neumann as new Administrative Assistant!

Group retreat in Bad Driburg

| The Computer Engineering Group held their yearly retreat in Bad Driburg.

Paper accepted for ARC 2018

| Tim Hansmeier, Marco Platzner and David Andrews got their conference paper accepted at ARC 2018.

Paper accepted for WAPCO 2018

| Linus Witschen et al. got their conference paper accepted at WAPCO 2018.

Paper accepted for ARCS 2018

| Achim Lösch et al. got their conference paper accepted at ARCS 2018.

Book chapter published

| Group members contribute to new Springer book “Inspired by Nature".

New Research Associate

| The Computer Engineering Group welcomes Linus Witschen as new Research Associate!

Paper accepted for FPT 2017

| Nam Ho et al. got their conference paper accepted at FPT 2017.

Paul Kaufmann to take on a junior professorship position.

| Paul Kaufmann joins Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Paper accepted for publication in Elsevier Engineering

| Cong Shen et al. got their article accepted for publication in the Elsevier Engineering Journal.

Internship at the Computer Engineering Group

| Two high school students completed their one-week internship.

Jahanzeb Anwer defended his dissertation

| Jahanzeb Anwer successfully defended his dissertation on "Dynamic Reliability Management”.

it’s owl Innovation project successfully completed

| Collaborative research project with Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG passed final milestone.

ReconOS v4 released

| ReconOS v4 released, the latest major update of our operating system for reconfigurable computers.

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