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Computer Engineering Group

Welcome to the web pages of the Computer Engineering Group!

Our general field of activity is the hardware-software interface of modern computing systems. The increasing heterogeneity of design goals and emerging technologies require constant innovations at the hardware-software interface. We are interested in the design and evaluation of novel architectures, the development of design methods and tools, and in prototypical application design for embedded and high-performance computing systems.

Our current research focus is on reconfigurable computing and multi/many-core systems. In teaching, we run 1st and 2nd year Bachelor courses in computer engineering and computer architecture. For 3rd year Bachelor, Master and PhD students, we offer courses, seminars and projects related to embedded systems, modern computer architecture, hardware/software co-design and reconfigurable computing.

On these web pages, you will find information about us and our research and teaching efforts. Please use the navigation menu at the top.


Invited talk at SelPhyS 2018

| Marco Platzner speaks about self-aware compute nodes.

New student project group started

| The student project group EML started their project work.

PhD starter talk in Approximate Computing

| On the 11th of April, Muhammad Awais gave his PhD starter talk titled "High-Level Synthesis of Approximate Circuits“.


Prof. Dr. Marco Platzner

Technische Informatik

Marco Platzner
+49 5251 60-5250
+49 5251 60-4250


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