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Completed Theses

2018Experimental Evaluation of SDN-based vs. NFV-based Load BalancersPago, ClemensBachelor
Joint Orchestration of Network Function Chain and General-Purpose Cloud ServicesDierich, TobiasBachelor
2017Accelerating Network Functions in Container-based Emulation with DPDKBurmann, PatrickBachelor
Seamless SDN-based handover for virtualized network functionsKüttner, HannesBachelor
A Hybrid Prototyping and Profiling Platform for NFV and Cloud ServicesKampmeyer, JohannesMaster
SDN testbed-based evaluation of flow processing-aware controller placementSarkar, Tarun KumarMaster
Specifying, Scaling, Placing and Reusing Bidirectional Forwarding Graphs of Virtual Network FunctionsSchneider, Stefan Master
Prediction of Resource Requirements and Performance of Virtualised Network Functions in a Video Streaming ContextIllian, MarvinBachelor
2016Erweiterung des Maxinets um Dockerhosts mithilfe von ContainmentSehring, DennisBachelor
Single-step Deployment from source code to OpenStackSchilling, ErikBachelor
A Mininet-based approach to evaluate the effects of rerouting flows on TCPSteinberg, Peter MichaelBachelor
Optimizing Placement and Scaling of Chained Virtualized Network Function Taschner, JanMaster
A realistic mobile network model in the context of flow processing-aware controller placementAl-Nasseri, Rasha Husam AbdulrahmanMaster
Energy-Efficient Assignment of Mobile Devices to Cooperative Base StationsKuntze, MathiasMaster
Distributed flexible reassignment for flow processing-aware controller placementPauls, DimitrijBachelor
2015A genetic algorithm for flow processing-aware controller placementScholz, SwanteBachelor
Flowtable Management in Software Defined NetworkingSchettler, Jan MaximillianBachelor
Online-Erkennung in Elephant Flows in Datacenter NetzenKnorr, SteffenBachelor
A Heuristic for Capacitated Hierarchical Resource Location ProblemSchneider, StefanBachelor
Effects on TCP Performance of Rerouting Flows in Software-Defined NetworksSubasi, FurkanMaster
Low Carbon Footprint Application PlacementSchnaase, FrankBachelor
Composition and Orchestratin of Network Control ApplicationsVinkemeier, Tim NiklasMaster
2014Profiling user behavior in mobile networks by analysis of data tracesSpaarmann, VolkerBachelor

Adaptive Placement of Programmable Virtual Network Function ChainsMehraghdam, SevilMaster
Evaluation of a Hybrid Packet-/Circuit-Switched Data Center NetworkDornseifer, VeitMaster
Anticipatory Power Cycling of Mobile Network Equipment for High-Demand Multimedia TrafficDreimann, PhilipMaster
Simulating load-dependent operation of picocellsRoeske, DanielBachelor
An Architecture and Testbed for Energy Efficient On-demand Mobile Network ManagementPeuster, ManuelMaster
Anticipatory Video Buffering under uncertain PredictionsBlobel, JohannesMaster
2013Energy-Efficient Queuing with Delayed DeactivationBredenbals, NicoMaster
Prototypische Realisierung eines Service-Discovery Moduls für Service-basierte Kommunikation über EthernetBrenken, DavidBachelor
Relay Selection for Coded Cooperation: From Theory to PrototypeSchinköthe, KaiMaster
Emulating Wavelength Division Multiplexing using OpenflowSatya, SuhasMaster
Haptics - Hadoop performance testing in concurrent job scenariosVinkemeier, Tim NiklasBachelor
MapReduce in Software Defined NetworksSplietker, MalteBachelor
Ressource-Optimized Deployment of Multi-Tier Applications - The Data Rate-Constrained CaseRobbert, ChristophBachelor
Routing in heterogenen OpenFlow NetzwerkenWallaschek, FelixBachelor
2012Multi-Frequency based Acknowledgement Aggregation in Wireless NetworksLöcke, ThomasBachelor
Semiautomatische RBD Erstellung für SHIP-IT mit Network Discovery ToolsSchulte, DanielBachelor
Analyse der Exploration des Random Walk auf einem 2-TorusRüddenklau, NicoBachelor
Evaluation of Cooperative Multilevel Caching StrategiesWüllrich, GunnarBachelor
Optimale Zuteilung von Nutzern zu verteilten Cloud-StandortenRojahn, TobiasBachelor
Queuing Latency at Cooperative Base StationsHohenberger, TillBachelor
Defining and Deploying Complex Appliances in Multi-Site Cloud EnvironmentPeuster, ManuelBachelor
Relay Selection for Wireless Cooperation with Similar DataFortman, JonasBachelor
2011Optimizing Cooperative Mobile Access Networks Based on Wireless FeedbackDräxler, MartinMaster
Information-centric messagingDreimann, PhilippBachelor
On Outage Probabilities of Cooperative Unicasts and BroadcastsWeide, JanisMaster
2009Distributed Composition of Grammar-Characterized ResourcesHerlich, MatthiasMaster
Implementing Cooperative Diversity on IEEE 802.11 WLAN Adapters - A Feasibility StudyDridger, KorneliusBachelor
Flow Synchronization for Network CodingDräxler, MartinBachelor
Adapting Cooperation of Signaling and Data Transfer in WLANsFunke, RafaelDiploma
An Information Model for an Information-Centric NetoworkTessmann, JürgenDiploma
Load balancing and dedicated Lookup Service in an optimized 2-Hop P2P SystemBiermann, ChristianDiploma
Caching in a Structure-adapting Storage NetworkTeichrib, AndreasDiploma
2008Augmented Internet based on current Internet technologiesWinter, StephanMaster
A Design Method for Rate-Adaptive Cooperative MAC Protocolsvon Malm, HolgerDiploma
A Cross-Layer Approach for Network-Coding based Data Transfers in Wireless Sensor NetworksPlatz, DanielMaster
Implementation and experimental performance evaluation of dynamic OFDMA with the SORBAS IEEE 802.11a testbedEitzen, FalkDiploma
Distributed Peer-based Proxy in WirelessLANSchumacher, AchimBachelor
A Cross-Layer Approach for Network-Coding based Data Transfers in Wireless Sensor NetworksPlatz, DanielDiploma
Network Coding under Real-World Networking ConstraintsSchwabe, ArneBachelor
Soft-bit Based CooperationVolkhausen, TobiasDiploma
Modelling Obstacles for the OMNeT++ Mobility FrameworkWeide, JannisBachelor
2007Extending Siemens Remote Server to the common Remote Service Platform       Körner, MichaelBachelor
Representing entities for augmented Internet - description based approachYu, JianchiDiploma
Structure-adapting Storage Network based on Peer-to-Peer and Network Coding TechniquesBiermann, ThorstenDiploma
Design and Implementation of a Real-time-Enabled, Blackboard-Based, Publish/Subscribe Architecture—A Prototype in MANTIS OSStelte, BjörnDiploma
Performance evaluation of a dynamic OFDMA extension to the IEEE 802.11a/g Physical layer and Medium Access Control protocolFreitag, ThomasDiploma
2006Recognizing Patterns in VoIP Traces to Diagnose Quality ImpairmentsArboleda Henao, AlexandraMaster

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