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Foto: Judith Kraft

Student Project Groups - Ongoing

ENTANGLE: intEr- and iNTra-domAin Network function chaininG in multi-cLoud Environment

(Winter term 2019/2020 & summer term 2020)

Services in Network Function Virtualization (NFV), the networking counterpart of Cloud Computing, are, usually, consist of multiple network functions (e.g., Firewall, Load Balancer ) that need to be chained together to work as a whole. Chaining network functions is challenging as network functions can reside in different technological, administrative, and geographical domains and run on heterogeneous resources. This project group will attempt to mitigate this challenge focusing on providing chaining for network functions that are deployed on OpenStack and Kubernetes domains and running on Commodity-of-the-shelf (COTS), GPU, and FPGA resources.

BAcKFLiP: Benchmarking network functions to collect the world largest NFV performance dataset

(Summer term 2019 & winter term 2019/2020)

The goal of the project group is to a wide variety of NFV performance datasets using open source network function and service projects. To collect those datasets and automate the measurement processes, existing measurement tools, like the 5GTANGO NFV benchmarking tool, will be used and extended within this project. Finally, the collected datasets need to be polished and analysed before they are made available for the research community, i.e., through one or more scientific publications. The work will tightly integrate into the work of the 5GTANGO project.

SCrAMbLE: management of ServiCes Across MultipLE clouds

(Winter term 2018/2019 & summer term 2019)

In this project, you will develop and implement a proof of concept for an operating system that orchestrates cloud and network services on a large-scale heterogeneous infrastructure. For example, different components of the services can be deployed as a VM, as a Container, or as an accelerated instance. These components should then be chained together to deliver a certain functionality. You will be working with state-of-the-art tools and frameworks like OSM, Kubernetes, OpenDaylight, etc. This project is in the context of SFB 901 On-The-Fly Computing and the EU-funded project 5G-PICTURE, which you can get to know more closely.

Multi-application data centres

(Summer term 2018 & winter term 2018/2019)

This project group will look at resource management questions in data centres running multiple applications concurrently. We look at the assignment of jobs to servers as done by popular cluster management frameworks (e.g., Apache Mesos), at the needs of challenging applications (e.g., based on big-data frameworks like Apache Spark), and try to integrate the management of computational resources with the management of networking resources. 

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