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SFB 901 "On-The-Fly" Computing

This is a research project funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) collaborative research center SFB 901 "On-The-Fly Computing".

The research center investigates individually and automatically configured IT services which are composed from and executed on a marked of world wide traded combinable services and execution platforms. Within this research center our research group investigates the the communication network as one important ingredient for such market platform. Our research covers the realization and optimization of overlays over real networks.

The long term goals of the research project are:

  • The creation of overlays with specific topological properties - for instance the overlays which are topological spanners of the underlying network.
  • The adaptation of overlays to assure topological properties over the dynamic underlying network.
  • The provision of mechanisms to estimate the effect of introduced or removed overlay edges on the current overlay.
  • The orchestration of co-existing or competing overlay structures with fair resource scheduling.
  • The adaptation of the underlying network to the demands of the overlay.
  • Solving pragmatic challenges to realize the required architectures and interfaces.

In the current project status we are working on the following challenges:

  • Construction of overlays over underlaying network graphs
    • Realization of Internet coordinate systems for more than just latency cost functions.
    • Constructing network spanners over node embeddings resulting from Internet coordinate systems.
    • Data structures which to efficiently encode a neighbor relation in Internet coordinate systems
  • Overlay routing in Internet coordinate systems based on the geographic routing paradigm
  • Realization of models and interfaces for implementing and evaluating topology control and routing over Internet coordinate systems
  • Empirical evaluation of the developed Internet coordinate systems, network spanners and routing mechanisms

We currently seek for two SHKs for setting up a real world testbed, implementing the developed coordinate systems, spanner constructions and routing mechanisms, and conducting empirical studies.

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Subproject C4

Information about the project:
Project members:Holger Karl
Asif Hasnain
Project website:
Type:DFG Project
Started:July 2015
Contact:Holger Karl

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