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Award for Prof. Dr. Axel Ngonga 
Photo: Next Einstein Forum Bildinformationen anzeigen

Award for Prof. Dr. Axel Ngonga Photo: Next Einstein Forum

| Daniel Obraczka

LIMES 1.3.0 Released

The LIMES development team is happy to announce LIMES 1.3.0!

LIMES is a link discovery framework for the Web of Data, which implements time-efficient approaches for large-scale link discovery based on the characteristics of metric spaces. Our framework provides a user-friendly graphical user interface as well as several machine learning algorithms for enabling an easy configuration of the link discovery task. For more in-depth details about LIMES, see our previous blog post.

The new release includes the following updates:

  • Novel LIMES  HTTP Server.

  • New Manhattan Measure for geospatial similarity calculations

  • GUI and core are now split into two submodules

  • Added MINOFFSET  and MAXOFFSET to the LIMES configuration in order to allow partial resources fetching

  • Changed license to AGPL

  • Updated both user and developer manuals

  • Several bug fixes

You can get the newest release here. Stay tuned for our next LIMES releases!

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