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Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft Show image information

Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft

Top News Computer Science

Research and service report 2014/16

| It is our pleasure to present you the latest research and service report of PC². The format and contents of the report have been redesigned from the ground up. Our mission was to present you the exciting research that is enabled by our ...

The German Council for Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) recommends funding for a high-performance computer at Paderborn University: 25m€ for Noctua and a new computing center – ensuring sustained development of computational sciences

| One of the ten most powerful university-hosted HPC (high-performance computing) centers in Germany The German Council for Science and Humanities has issued a funding recommendation with the highest ranking for the proposal of Paderborn University...

Information event for changes in study course Computer Engineering (Bachelor & Master)

| With the upcoming winter semester 2017/18, new examination regulations for Computer Engineering come into effect which also lead to some changes in the curricula.

Nobel laureate in Physics Professor Shuji Nakamura is giving a lecture at the University of Paderborn

| On November 30th 2016, Professor Shuji Nakamura, laureate of the Nobel prize for Physics in 2014, is giving a special lecture at the University of Paderborn. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the CeOPP, the TRR 142 and the GRK 1464 managed to...

Welcome to Paderborn

| Vom 10. bis 15. Oktober begrüßte die Fakultät für Elektrotechnik, Informatik und Mathematik die ausländischen Studierenden der Masterstudiengänge.

Computer Science in Paderborn

The Department of Computer Science emphasizes on a broad and fundamental research foundation as well as a deep integration within the university... more

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