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Software Platform Evolution

Software evolution describes the fact that software systems which operate in or address a problem or activity of the real world are adapted steadily. Like requirements change in real world the software systems and its underlying platform must adapt. The research group Database and Information Systems studies the problems which arise in the context of the evolution of software platforms.

Contact personFabian Christ


Examples for systems which are exposed to steady evolution are enterprise software systems. These systems map the real world business processes and their data into software systems. Technically those systems are built using technologies like frameworks and middlewares, which create the system's platform. The software evolution affects the software system and its platform. New requirements force the platform's technologies to be updated or replaced during the software evolution.

Many problems, most of them unexpected, arise when updating the platform's technologies. The challenge is to handle those problems and to get better planning reliability. The undesirable effects are higher costs and more time for development than expected. These effects could be avoided by using better methods and information.

The research group Database and Information Systems studies new approaches to enable updates or replacements of technologies like frameworks within such a platform during the evolution of the software system and the platform respectively.

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