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Efficient test strategies and test management

Classical approaches to testing, e.g. boundary value analysis, are relatively well-known. Testing of web-based and component-based systems implies new requirements on the methodology of testing. In this context, it is important to know that testing is itself a process which needs to be optimized.

Members: Hendrik Schreiber, Baris Güldali

Contact person: Hendrik Schreiber


Nowadays, there certainly exists a high pressure to develop new software as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price to achieve competitive advantages. However, if measurements of quality are reduced (or even completely omitted) due to cost or time constraints, this might lead to a lower product quality. In the long run, this can result in competitive disadvantages. Therefore, software products should be checked by efficient test strategies and suitable methodologies during the development process.

While classical test methods like boundary tests are relatively well-known, the testing of web and component based systems puts new requirements on the test methodology. This raises the question whether these requirements can be coped with either by adapting existing test methodologies, or by even creating new methodologies.

While doing this, one has to keep in mind that testing is an independent process. Therefore, the challenge exists to provide (new) methodologies which enable the adjustment of the test process to the new requirements. Optimally, these methodologies should also result in enhanced decision support for the test manager, e.g. when identifying test interdependencies or the project's actual areas of risk. Eventually, the developing company will benefit from increased test efficiency.


  • arvarto IT services
  • Wincor Nixdorf International AG
  • S&N AG

Bachelor and Master Thesis

  • Claudia Schuhmacher: Systematische Bewertung von Testprozessen nach TPI NEXT mit Geschäftsprozess-Mustern, Masterarbeit 2012 (in Kooperation mit  Sogeti Deutschland GmbH)
  • Dominik Speicher: Automatische Berechnung von  Änderbarkeitskennzahlen in J2EE Anwendungen, Bachelorarbeit 2008 (in Kooperation mit Siemens IT Solutions and Services GmbH)
  • Jan Kramer: Verbesserung von Testaufwandsschätzung und Fehlerprognose unter Einbeziehung von Funktionserweiterungen, Masterarbeit 2008 (in Kooperation mit Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH)

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