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Quality of software-models (SMQ)

Project accompanying quality management is of particular importance in the software development field. As a consequence of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) software-models increasingly depict central development artifacts. Hence we concentrate on the development of a quality management system especially for software-models.

MembersHendrik Voigt, Gregor Engels

Contact personGregor Engels


In model-based software development processes software-models depict central development artifacts. Regarding their content they possess dependencies towards the software requirements specification as well as towards the final software product.


The strength of software-models is deeply rooted in their abstraction. They simplify complex problems by reduction and enable the project team to systematically design solutions by step-wise refinements.

Due to this procedure modeling failures should be detected as early as possible, in order that required corrections must be performed only for a few development artifacts (such as software-models or source code).

In order to control the quality of software-models the following questions must be answered sophisticatedly:

  • What is the quality of software-models in a development project?
  • How can the quality be determined?
  • These questions motivated us to do the following research:

We would like to establish a quality management system in order to

  • document the quality goals for software-models in a model-based development project,
  • measure and analyze the degree of compliance of these goals, and
  • prepare the analysis results for project members in customized quality reports,
  • so that project members can make decisions based on a sound information basis.

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