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Ontology is used to describe a particular domain of information in form of a data model. Ontolgies are used in different domains of Computer Sciences these days for semantic description. Some of these domains are Semantic Web, Software Engineering, SOA, etc.

Contact personZille Huma


In the present era, Computer Sciences and World Wide Web are playing a lot more important roles in lives of people. More information is accessible via internet and now more and more emphasis is laid upon the fact that the information is not only expressible in natural language but also machine interpretable. For this purpose, semantic description for the information is required.

Ontology is widely used for the purpose of semantic description of a particular domain of information. Ontology can be defined as: the data model representing the set of concepts in a particular domain and the relationships between these concepts. This information can be used to semantically explain and reason about a particular domain of information.

As already said, Ontologies are used in different areas of computer sciences. With a particular emphasis on SOA for this project, Ontologies are used to semantically describe the web services. This semantic description of web services is important for the different purposes, such as, service discovery, service composition, service selection, etc. In the context of this project, an effort is being made to devise a better mechanism for the definition and use of ontologies for web services. This mechanism will enable the developer to semantically describe the web service and the requestor to locate and use the web service.

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