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Topics for students Thesis

Here you can find open theses in our working group. If you are interested in a thesis in one of the presented subject areas, please contact us. The presented topic ideas will then be refined with you in individual discussions and adapted to your concrete situation. Thus, the thematic depth for Bachelor's theses is less than for Diploma or Master's theses. The theses presented here can be written in both English and German. We always encourage our students to write in English.

Topic Typ Supervisor
Computer Science Didactics BT/MT Carsten Schulte
Computer Science in Primary Schools BT/MT  Kathrin Müller/ Carsten Schulte
Further development and/or evaluation of game apps (Pentomino, Inter-Netzzo) in Unity BT/MT Birte Heinemann/ Carsten Schulte
Collection of topics: Eyetracking in teaching research (methods, possibilities, etc.) BT/MT Birte Heinemann/ Carsten Schulte

Eyetracking for large software projects

BT/MT Birte Heinemann/ Carsten Schulte


Further information

Further topics for computer science theses can be found using the sites Professors and areas of expertise and the Department of Computer Science.

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