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Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft Show image information

Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft

IRB Services

The IRB offers a series of useful services for students, employees, and faculty of the University. You can find out more about specific aspects of our services below.

We also provide general support and information regarding the university's other IT systems, so we may serve as your first point of contact and can direct to further help.

Important Notice: You will need to have activated access to CS Department IT Services to be allowed access to most of these services. This is done via the IMT ServicePortal. Log in with your IMT Credentials and apply for "IT-Dienste für Informatiker" under "Benutzerverwaltung" > "Weitere Dieste" in case it is not active already. Please send us a short, freeform email justifying your application in case you applied; we will then process your application.

  • Drucker
    The IRB operates printers, located in the pool rooms and accessible to students.
  • Git
    The server version of the popular version control software. We offer the GitLab Web Interface, comparable to GitHub.
  • Magnetic Access Cards
    The IRB manages the Access Control System for the CS Department facilities and handles requests for magnetic access cards to these.

  • Printers
    The IRB manages the Printing infrastructure of the CS Department.
  • SVN
    The server version of the version control software, with in-house Web Interface.
  • TRAC
    Bugtracker Software optionally available for our Git and SVN repos.
  • Wiki
    The IRB Wiki Server, based on the TWiki Software.

Service Level Provided

All IRB services are operated with a 24/7 uptime target and enjoy automatic monitoring, management, and off-site backups.

Active support and administration is provided 08:00-16:00 Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Handling of reliability issues is promptly initiated during these times.

The University for the Information Society