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Wintersemester 2016 / 2017

L.079.05508Usability EngineeringVorlesungSzwillus
L.079.05734Usability Engineering PracticeVorlesungSzwillus
L.079.08010             Usability Evaluation of Mobile AppsSeminarSzwillus
L.079.05707Assistive Technologies, AccessibilityVorlesungTauber

Praktische Informationen / Practical information

  • Usability Engineering (BA, Deutsch)
    Vorlesung jeweils Dienstags 14:15-15:45 Uhr, Hörsaal P1.4.17
    Zentralübung jeweils Dienstags 13:15-14:00 Uhr, Hörsaal P1.4.17 (beginnt am 25.10.2016)
  • Usability Engineering Practice (MA, English)
    Lecture every Thursday 14:15-15:45 h, F1.110, Fürstenallee
    Exercise Hour every Thursday 13:15-14:00 h, F1.110, Fürstenallee (begins October 27, 2016)
  • Usability Evaluation of Mobile Applications (MA, English)
    This seminar will be held as block by the end of the lecture period on February 9 and 14, 2017. Registration and selection of participants is done, topics are assigned. The two seminar days will be open to everybody who is interested. Follow any announcements on the seminar here. Topics are:
    1. Application of the Cognitive Walkthrough Concept on Mobile Apps
    2. Application of the Heuristic Evaluation: The 
    Mobile App Usability Inspection (MAUi) framework
    3. Usability and Aesthetics of Mobile Apps
    4. How to Observe the User in User Tests on Mobile Devices
    5. How to Report App Feedback from Tests on Mobile Devices

    6. Collecting context information during Usability Tests of Mobile Devices

    7. The APP Life Cycle: Which applications are installed and uninstalled and why?

    8. How to Evaluate Health Apps

    9. Do the visitors of a museum really like apps to guide them?

    10. Privacy and Usability of Mobile Devices

    11. How easy can it be to program mobile devices?

    12. Usablity of Nearby Search Apps

    13. Which development platform should be used?

  • Assistive Technologies, Accessibility (MA, English)
    Lecture every second Wednesday 13:00-16:00 h, F0.530 Fürstenallee (begins October 19, 2016)
    Exercise every second Thursday 11:00-13:00 h, F1.110, Fürstenallee (begins October 20, 2016)
    Please notice: this course is mostly every second week. There will be an additional week in November. Please take a look at the schedule in PAUL for further information. 
  • Oberseminar
    in der Regel jeweils Dienstags, 10:00-11:00 Uhr, F2.211, Fürstenallee und nach Vereinbarung
    Ankündigungen werden über den Mailverteiler szwillus-studierende verschickt, den jeder abonnieren kann.

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