Prof. Dr. Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

Prof. Dr. Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

Informatik Rechnerbetrieb (IRB)

Head - Professor

Data Science

Head - Professor

+49 5251 60-3342
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+49 5251 60-3436
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Technologiepark 6
33100 Paderborn


Latest Publications

RELD: A Knowledge Graph of Relation Extraction Datasets
M. Ali, M. Saleem, D. Moussallem, M. Sherif, A.-C. Ngonga Ngomo, RELD: A Knowledge Graph of Relation Extraction Datasets, LibreCat University, 2023.
Neural Class Expression Synthesis
N.J. KOUAGOU, S. Heindorf, C. Demir, A.-C. Ngonga Ngomo, in: C. Pesquita, E. Jimenez-Ruiz, J. McCusker, D. Faria, M. Dragoni, A. Dimou, R. Troncy, S. Hertling (Eds.), The Semantic Web - 20th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2023), Springer International Publishing, 2023, pp. 209–226.
Counterfactual Explanations for Concepts in ELH
L.N. Sieger, S. Heindorf, L. Blübaum, A.-C. Ngonga Ngomo, ArXiv:2301.05109 (2023).
Configuration and Evaluation
J.M. Hanselle, E. Hüllermeier, F. Mohr, A.-C. Ngonga Ngomo, M. Sherif, A. Tornede, M.D. Wever, in: C.-J. Haake, F. Meyer auf der Heide, M. Platzner, H. Wachsmuth, H. Wehrheim (Eds.), On-The-Fly Computing -- Individualized IT-Services in Dynamic Markets, Heinz Nixdorf Institut, Universität Paderborn, Paderborn, 2023, pp. 85–104.
COBALT: A Content-Based Similarity Approach for Link Discovery over Geospatial Knowledge Graphs
A. Becker, A.F.A. Ahmed, M. Sherif, A.-C. Ngonga Ngomo, in: SEMANTiCS, 2023.
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