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Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft Show image information

Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft

Guidelines for occupational Activities

(Status March 12th 2014)

  1. Aims

    Within the occupational activity students shall learn how they can use their basic skills in Computer Science in practice. For example, it can be realized by students working on the conception, realization and maintenance of software systems, create small systems independently, carry out administrative tasks in operation of hardware and software or empiric surveys about products which have been used or are yet to be used. Moreover, students shall gain an insight into organisation of a company and its work methods, as well as get to know economic, social and juridical problems of working life.

    The occupational activity is strongly recommended to every student in the current Bachelor program (starting from Winter term 2009 / 2010). An occupational activity which is acknowledged by the internship agent will be noted down on the leaving certificate.

  2. Scope
    The occupational activity has a scope of 8 weeks of a full–time job or rather 320 work hours. Usually it needs to be carried out as a full–time work but can also be accomplished as part–time work. The entire time period of the activity shall consist of maximal two temporally correlated sections. 18 months have to be between the beginning of the first and the end of the second section. As soon as 12 points have been acquired in the first section of the studies the occupational activity can be started.

  3. Internship Company
    The occupational activity shall usually be fulfilled in private economic companies or rather its’ departments which deal with problems linked to Computer Science. Internship Companies choose responsible, technically competent contact persons for students and for the internship commissioner of the institute.

    Normally students enter an usual (limited) employment relationship, which is merchantably rewarded.


  4. Internship Commissioner
    The institute provides an internship commissioner for Computer Science. The internship commissioner decides, whether

     a.  an institution can be acknowledged as an internship institution,

     b.  the planned activity of students can be acknowledged as an occupational activity

     c.  the performed activity of a student will be acknowledged as an occupational activity.

    For the decision regarding a. and b. students are supposed to submit a short description of the planned activity, which has been elaborated and signed by the student and contact person, before the beginning of the occupational activity to the internship commissioner.

    For the decision regarding c. every student submits a job reference of the internship institution, which attests duration and content of the activity as well as the performance of the student, after the completion of the occupational activity. In case of doubt the internship, commissioner can request another look into the working documents under awareness of trade secrets and hold a conversation with the contact person of the internship institution.

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