Key re-provisioning in LoRaWAN devices which are backed by a secure element

LoRaWAN is a wireless protocol which allows long-range low-power communications and therefore uses symmetric keys for authentication and encryption. To ease integration and deployment, the devices are pre-provisioned with keys at the production process. Here, often secure elements are utilized to save the key tamper-proof in the device. But in some cases keys are not trustworthy for example if they are transferred via an insecure channel e. g. via e-mail. This has a strong impact on the security of the overall system and the keys need to be re-provisioned.

The master thesis will be supervised by DEVITY ( Please contact Sven Uthe (

The goal of this thesis is to:

  • Analyze different devices, how they can be re-provisioned with new keys.

  • Write a tool to automate the key generation and provisioning process.

  • Once the key re-provisioning is implemented, find a way to store and transfer the keys in an encrypted format.



  •  Good C programming skills.

  • Good knowledge of cryptographic protocols.

  • Interest in the development of secure key management.

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