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Journal Publications

R. Gmyr, J. Lefévre, C. Scheideler
Self-stabilizing Metric Graphs
Theory of Computing Systems, to appear

J.J. Daymude, Z. Derakhshandeh, R. Gmyr, A. Porter, A.W. Richa, C. Scheideler, T. Strothmann
On The runtime of universal coating for programmable matter
Journal of Natural Computing, 2017

A. Koutsopoulos, C. Scheideler and T. Strothmann
Towards a Universal Approach for the Finite Departure Problem in Overlay Networks
Journal of Information and Computation, 2017

Z. Derakhshandeh, R. Gmyr, A. W. Richa, C. Scheideler, T. Strothmann
Universal Coating for Programmable Matter
Theoretical Computer Science, 2017

S. Schmid, C. Avin, C. Scheideler, M. Borokhovich, B. Haeupler, Z. Lotker
SplayNet: Towards Locally Self-Adjusting Networks
IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw., 2016.

T. Strothmann
The impact of communication patterns on distributed locally self-adjusting binary search trees
Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, 2016.

M. Eikel, C.Scheideler
IRIS: A Robust Information System Against Insider DoS Attacks
Journal Transactions of Parallel Computing, 2015.

S. Kniesburges, A. Koutsopoulos and C.Scheideler
A Deterministic Worst-Case Message Complexity Optimal Solution for Resource Discovery
Journal Theoretical of Computer Science, 2015.

D. Gall, R. Jacob, A.W. Richa, C. Scheideler, S. Schmid, J. Täubing
A Note on the Parallel Runtime of Self-Stabilizing Graph Linearization
Theory of Computing Systems
, Vol. 55(1), 2014.

R. Jacob, A. W. Richa, C. Scheideler, S. Schmid, H. Täubig
SKIP*: A Self-Stabilizing Skip Graph
Journal of the ACM
, Vol. 61(6), 2015.

S. Kniesburges, A. Koutsopoulos and C. Scheideler
Re-Chord: A self-stabilizing Chord Overlay Network

Theory of Computing Systems
, Vol. 55(3), 2014.

B. Awerbuch, A. W. Richa, C. Scheideler, S. Schmid, J. Zhang
Principles of Robust Medium Access and an Application to Leader Election
ACM Transactions on Algorithms, 2014.

R. M. Nor, M. Nesterenko and C. Scheideler
Corona: A stabilizing deterministic message-passing skip list
Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 512, 2013.

A. Richa, C. Scheideler, S. Schmid and J. Zhang
Competitive throughput in multi-hop wireless networks despite adaptive jamming
Journal of Distributed Computing Vol. 26(3), 2013.

P. Kolman and Christian Scheideler
Towards Duality of Multicommodity Multiroute Cuts and Flows: Multilevel Ball-Growing
Theory of Computing Systems Vol. 53(2), 2013.

A. Richa, C. Scheideler, S. Schmid and J. Zhang
An Efficient and Fair MAC Protocol Robust to Reactive Interference
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking Vol. 21(3), 2013.

T. Clouser, M. Nesterenko and C. Scheideler.
Tiara: A self-stabilizing deterministic skip list and skip graph
Theoretical Computer Science Vol. 428, 2012.

V. Damerow, B. Manthey, F. Meyer auf der Heide, H. Räcke, C. Scheideler, C. Sohler and T. Tantau.
Smoothed analysis of left-to-right maxima with applications
ACM Transaction on Algorithms 8, Vol. 3, 2012.

S. Dolev and C. Scheideler.
Editorial for Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks
Theoretical Computer Science Vol. 453, 2012.

R. Jacob, S. Ritscher, C. Scheideler and S. Schmid.
Towards higher-dimensional topological self-stabilization: A distributed algorithm for Delaunay graphs
Theoretical Computer Science Vol. 457, 2012.

C. Scheideler.
Broadcasting - How Can I Quickly Disseminate Information?
In Algorithms Unplugged, 2011.

F. Meyer auf der Heide, C. Scheideler.
Algorithmische Grundlagen verteilter Speichersysteme
In the Informatik Spektrum, 2010.

V. Aggarwal, A. Feldmann and C. Scheideler.
Can ISPs and P2P users cooperate for improved performance?
In ACM Computer Commucation Review, July 2007.

The University for the Information Society