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Seminar High-Performance IT Systems

23 Oct 201813:00Arjun RamaswamiAccelerating Molecular Dynamic Simulations by offloading Fast Fourier Transformations to FPGAEO2.267
8 May 201813:00Erik MesserliPorting the HPCG Benchmark to FPGAsEO3.267
11 Apr 201815:00Tasneem FilmwalaStudy The Effects of Approximation on
Conjugate Gradient Method using FPGA (Final presentation MSc thesis)
21 Mar 201815:00Project Group CustoNNFinal presentation "Customizing Neural Networks for FPGAs"EO2.267
20 Mar 201810:00Onkar GadewarProgrammable Programs? - Designing FPGA overlay architectures with OpenCL (Final presentation MSc thesis)EO2.267
23 Jan 201814:00Christian PlesslFPGA-accelerated High-Performance Computing – Close to Breakthrough or Pipedream? EO2.267
11 Jan 201810:00Paolo GorlaniA proposal for the implementation of High order Discontinuous Galerkin methods for Elliptic problems on GPUsEO2.267
29 Nov 201714:00Tasneem FilmwalaStudy effects of approximation on conjugate gradient method using FPGA (Inaugural Talk MSc thesis)EO2.267
13 Sep 201715:00AlexanderKroh
(University of New South Wales, AU)
Fine-grained interactions on tightly coupled CPU-FPGA systemsEO2.267
21 July10:00PG CustoNNPresentation of the work project plan for project group "CustoNN: Customizing Neural Networks on FPGAs"EO2.267
5 July14:00Oliver MangoldOptimizing 2D FDTD Simulation of Nanophotnic effects in MicrocavitiesEO2.267
9 June10:00Holger Fröning
(University of Heidelberg)
Managed Communication for Multi-GPU SystemsEO4.267
29 March 201714:00Oliver MangoldBeschleunigung der Primfaktorzerlegung mit elliptischen Kurven (ECM) auf FPGAs (Inaugural talk BSc thesis)DO2.267

The University for the Information Society