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Eyetracking Forschung: Keyperfomance-Indicators liefern Daten für die Analyse von Interaktionon und dem Nutzerverhalten

Foto: Projekt Pentomino und Inter-Netzzo

Project Group NICE IDEA: New Interaction Concepts and Eyetracking for InterDisciplinary Educational Applications


  • 06.02.2019: Added FAQ in the lower part of the page
  • 29.01.2019: Slides of the introductory meeting have been uploaded: here


Are you interested in developing useful, usable and used Software? You want to be able to follow the usage with your own eyes? Then you have come to the right place.

The market is full of apps designed to playfully support and encourage students to learn. So far, there have been few systematic studies on the effects and successes of many learning environments. In an interdisciplinary project, we are investigating which additional value the use of digital artefacts can have compared to analog learning scenarios, using the example of a mathematics app.

Although there are many existing tools available, these have a focus on playful elements without didactic or cognitive theories in background, even so learning software have their advantages like traceability, accessibility, persistent data, etc.

In the NICE IDEA project group an app with exactly these basics will be developed, which focuses on the additional digital value and the connection of mathematics and computer science teaching. We will identify interaction concepts and devices and integrate them in the learning process for an overall better experience and support for teachers and students. Members of this project group will be integrated in our research and will get familiar with learning processes, eye tracking, visualization of gaze data and code comprehension studies.

This project group deals with 

  • educational applications
  • agile software development
  • learning analytics
  • interdisciplinary research
  • eyetracking of dynamic content
  • human computer interaction
  • and lots of other interesting stuff


1. What are the requirements of the project that I should be good in?

The project group will need a variety of skills, which is why a heterogeneous team will be put together. On the one hand, of course, programming skills are needed, but also abstract thinking, good modeling skills, experience with HCI-methods and media design are needed. If possible, we will put together a suitable team for the various tasks.

2. Which technologies will you work with?

The technical implementation will be discussed with the participants at the beginning of the project group. The discussion will include Unity (C#), because the implementation is planned for Ipads and for the browser, but the participants get the chance to express wishes and share experiences in this topic.

3. How is the selection process of the project? Will there any entrance test and will it be online or written?

  • We take part in the new method to match students to project groups, information about our assignment is in FAQ #1. Slides containing information are uploaded here.
  • Current status: Phase 1 – PAUL registration: February 11 – 17, only one week!
  • The Assignments will run from 21 feb to 20 march.

Birte Heinemann, M. Sc.

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Birte Heinemann
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Prof. Dr. Carsten Schulte

Didaktik der Informatik (DDI)

Didaktik der Informatik

Carsten Schulte
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