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Seminar Advanced Algorithms

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christian Scheideler

Module Information:

  • 5 ECTS

First Meeting:

  • During the week of April 20-24. A Doodle link will be sent around soon.

Bidding for topics:

  • Every student needs to submit a bid to by the end of Friday, April 24. The bid should contain the top three papers from the list in PANDA that he/she would like to work on.

Submission of almost final versions of the reports: end of July

Submission of final versions of reports: August 14 (this is a firm deadline!)

The seminar itself will take place as a block seminar at September 3-4. All participants are required to be present at the block seminar.


Participants are expected to prepare a detailed report (~20 pages) and a presentation of their topic. Both need to be passed in order to pass the course, and both count 50% towards the final grade. Please be aware that reports are checked for plagiarism, so use your own words as much as possible and cite anything you take from other sources! If you are not sure about what is considered to be plagiarism, please consult the following leaflet.


It is highly recommended that participants of the seminar have a strong algorithms and theory background. The papers that you can select from can be found in PANDA.

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