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Programmable Matter 2 (ProgMat 2)

Term WS 2022/23 + SS 2023
Program Computer Science Master's
Computer Engineering Master's
Regular Meeting Hours TBD

Goals and Contents

This project groups aims at designing and implementing algorithms for a specific model of programmable matter called Amoebots. The project group consists of two parts, covering the theoretical aspects (first phase) and the practical aspects (second phase).

  • Goal
    • Design, analyze, and simulate algorithms
  • First phase: Seminar
    • Read papers about the amoebot model and the circuit extension
  • Second phase: Implementation/Design/Analysis
    • Implement and test existing algorithms
    • Design new algorithms
  • Prerequirements
    • Ability to understand scientific papers
    • Basic programming skills
    • Ideally, also analytical skills
    • High motivation (programmable matter is a cool topic!)


Remark: On the slides of the project group presentation available for download here, some images are blacked out due to unclear copyrights; we will be happy to send an uncensored version via email upon request; if you are interested, simply send an email to Andreas Padalkin or Daniel Warner.


Andreas Padalkin

Daniel Warner


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