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Datenbanken und Electronic Commerce Bildinformationen anzeigen

Datenbanken und Electronic Commerce

Willkommen auf der Webseite der FG Datenbanken und Electronic Commerce


Termine für mündliche Prüfungen

For office hours preferably suggest a date on which also examinations take place (see below).


Oral exam policy changed

Due to the enourmous extra effort caused by cancelling exam appointments,
I decided to join the official system and allow for exam registrations only
during the official periods and after registration in PAUL. 

Look for the next possiblity to register in PAUL.

A registration for an exam appointment is only possible after you are registered for the exam in PAUL. 

An exception from this rule needs a specific reason
(e.g. being an exchange student on visit of Uni Paderborn
 or previous agreement with me of a different exam date).

If you think, your case is an exception, please send and email and name the reason for an exception.


The next possible exam dates:

  • Mon, 27.08.2018
  • Tue, 28.08.2018
  • Wed, 29.08.2018
  • Wed, 10.10.2018
  • Thu, 11.10.2018
  • Tue, 30.10.2018


Further exam dates in September/October/November will be announced by the end of August .


Please choose one of the shown exam dates and fill the following form

and send it via email to  Prof. Dr. Stefan Böttcher.


Limited possibility for upgrading a 4 ECTS exam to a 6 ECTS exam
The following procedure is only possible if you already have passed a 4 ECTS exam either in the master course DBIS or in Prolog:

Case 1:
does not apply anymore

Case 2:
does not apply anymore

Case 3:If you have not yet passed a 4 ECTS exam in DBIS and want to upgrade the DBIS course to 6 ECTS exam do the following:

(1.) learn about everything from the DBIS lecture and excercises. 

(2.) Learn about Chapter 4 "extended suffix arrays" from Ohlebusch's book "Bioinformatics algorithms" 

(3.) Register for the exam in PAUL  

(4.) Make an appointment for an exam date

(5.) During the exam be prepared to answer questions on both (1.) and (2.)


Prof. Dr. Stefan Böttcher

Datenbanken und Electronic Commerce

Stefan Böttcher
+49 5251 60-6662
+49 5251 60-6656

nach Vereinbarung per email

Die Universität der Informationsgesellschaft