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Datenbanken und Electronic Commerce

Logic Programming for Artificial Intelligence

PAUL course number: L.079.05808 

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Stefan Böttcher

Start now with fulfilling prerequisites if you consider to join the course!

The official start of this course is on Tuesday 21st of April.
However, this course has prerequisites (Chapter 0) which should be completed before the course starts. The prerequisites material and communication requirements will be published and extended stepwise (without additional notice) on the PANDA page of this course.


About the course:

We are using Prolog (a language that came up in the 1980s) to look at Artificial Intelligence from a logic point of view. This is a traditional view to AI problems like question answering systems, automated translation, reasoning - as opposed to the modern main-line approaches using machine learning, statistics and neural networks.

That is, we focus on a logic-based programming view of topics like parsing, text understanding, puzzles, automated theorem proving, rule-based systems, etc. and study solutions via running example programs provided in Prolog.

The focus is to learn the Prolog language and to apply it to a variety of search and AI algorithms, thereby providing a view to some problems that is different from the view taken when using procedural languages to solve these problems. Although Prolog is not widely used, the use of the language provides a different view to programming, parsing, reasoning and other topics.


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Prof. Dr. Stefan Böttcher

Datenbanken und Electronic Commerce

Stefan Böttcher
+49 5251 60-6662
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