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Project Group: Text Search Engines - Part 2

DatesThursday 9-11 , Friday 9-11 + on demand
LecturerProf. Dr. Stefan Böttcher
koaLA-CourseProject Group: Text Search Engines

Slides of the project group presentation on 14th of July 2014  

Programming task 1 - due 19.9.2014

Goal of the project group:  

When companies want to search their own documents locally without uploading these documents to Google, they need to index them and build their own search engine.

Today, sorting the data for index construction is the bottle-neck, i.e. large document collections are difficult or impossible to index, simply because of their size. 

However in Paderborn, IRT, an updateable version of the Burrows Wheeler Transformation has been invented,which allows to increment a given index, instead of recomputing it from scratch, when new data is added to an index. 
These ideas already have been filed as a patent application. 

The goal of the project group is now to find a good parallel index construction technique, to implement this technique in Java, and to write a small demo-search engine showing its performance. 

First meeting (kick-off) for the project group:  

Tuesday 23.9.2014 9-11 c.t. , F2.211

Meeting times of the project group for regular meetings during the winter term:  

Thursday 9-11 , Friday 9-11 + on demand


Knowledge of Java programming



Further information:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Böttcher

Databases and Electronic Commerce

Stefan Böttcher
+49 5251 60-6662
+49 5251 60-6656

Office hours:
nach Vereinbarung per email

The University for the Information Society