Com­pleted Theses

Currently Running Projects

  • Simon-Luca Kramer. Quantum k-SAT Related Hypergraph Problems. Bachelor's thesis.

Completed Projects

  • Dennis Nolte. Towards quantum dynamic programming algorithms to the Knapsack Problem. Master's thesis. Paderborn University, 2023.
  • Carsten Hecht. Good classical and quantum codes. Master's thesis. Paderborn University, 2022.
  • Daniel Warkentin. Connectivity in the Ground Space of stabilizer Hamiltonians. Master's thesis. Paderborn University, 2022.
  • Alexander Schnelle. A Survey on Quantum Amplitude Estimation Algorithms. Bachelor's thesis. Paderborn University, 2021.
  • Jannes Stubbemann. Classical Simulation of Quantum Circuits with Restricted Boltzmann Machines. Paderborn University, 2020.
  • Dorian Rudolph. On the Power of P with Access ot a QMA Oracle. Master's Thesis. Paderborn University, 2020.
    • Recipient of UPB Outstanding Thesis Award.

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