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High-Performance IT Systems Research Group

The mission of our group is to perform computing systems research for energy-efficient high-performance computing. Our specific focus is custom computing with FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays). This technology allows the developers to create highly efficient processing architectures by tailoring the processor architecture to the needs of the application. In collaboration with the Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC²) we are validating our foundational research with practical HPC applications, frequently in cooperations with research groups from computational sciences. In teaching we offer courses, seminars, projects in the areas of custom and high-performance computing. We participate in several national and transnational research projects.

Please refer to our teaching and research pages for more detailed information. 


Massively Parallel Computation of Approximate Inverse Roots for Large Sparse Matrices

| Our Submission “A Massively Parallel Algorithm for the Approximate Calculation of Inverse p-th Roots of Large Sparse Matrices” has been accepted for publication at the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) conference, taking place in July...

Paolo Gorlani has joined the HIT research group

| At the beginning of March, Paolo Gorlani has joined the High-Performance IT Systems group as a research associate.

Efficient Computation of Inverse Matrix Roots

| Our article "A General Algorithm to Calculate the Inverse Principal p-th Root of Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices has been accepted for publication in the Communications in Computational Physics (CICP). This article is a joint work by the...

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Prof. Dr. Christian Plessl

High-Performance IT Systems

Christian Plessl
+49 5251 60-5399
+49 5251 60-1714

Administrative Assistant

Michaela Kemper

Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC2)

Administrative assistant

Michaela Kemper
+49 5251 60-1735
+49 5251 60-1714

The University for the Information Society