Lec­ture: Re­al World Cryp­to En­gi­nee­ring

Strong cryptography is not always sufficient to protect fundamental security goals. Even if strong cryptographic algorithms are used, a lot can go wrong. In this lecture, we will deal with the most important protocols and cryptographic protection mechanisms (e.g., TLS, SSH, WPA), and learn their basic concepts. We will then introduce prominent attacks that have completely broken the desired security objectives. Based on many cases, we will learn what is important in the design and implementation of cryptographic applications.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion, students have a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of applied cryptographic algorithms. They realized that cryptography alone is not enough to solve security problems. They have an overview of current cryptographic attacks and know how to prevent them practically.

Recommended proficiencies

Basic knowledge in programming, IT Security and cryptography

Learning material

  • Lecture slides and video presentations
  • Scientific articles

More information about the learning material and learning structure in this semester will be provided in the next days in PANDA. Please sign in for the course.