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Solid theoretical foundations and real-world security requirements for the next generation of cryptosystems Read more

Tight Reductions in…

Reductions are core parts of cryptographic proofs. Their tightness has immediate effect on the efficiency of cryptographic systems. Read more

Low-Latency Key Exchange …

Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols are integrated into every modern web browser. Current research shows that sophisticated AKE protocols allow for key establishment with minimum latency. Read more

CRC 901

The objective of CRC 901 is to develop techniques and processes for automatic on-the-fly configuration and provision of individual IT services.


In 2015 a time-based encryption scheme without the drawbacks of conventional approaches was presented. It uses the results of unrelated public computations. Read more

Security in Instant Messaging …

This project evaluates the attainability of security objectives such as "Future Secrecy" in Instant Messaging protocols like WhatsApp. Read more



The IT security network nrw.uniTS is a platform for various players in IT security in North Rhine-Westphalia. Read more


The Competence Center for Cyber Physical Systems is a network for economical and scientific players in Northrhine-Westphalia who prepare small and medium-sized businesses for the challenges of digital transformation.



Business cooperations are key to a successful transfer of research results into marketable innovation. Read more

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