Oumama Msellek

Gamification: a technique for enhancing user engagement towards mobiles application

The mobile application market has known a big evolution in the last years and still has room for growth. Millions of mobile applications are developed and many provide the same solution, in front of this situation the user has to decide which app to install, likely the most rated and appealing one are to be chosen. But this is not a good reason for the user to continue using those apps, many end up losing his interest and being removed or simply left unused. For this reason, efforts have been made to come up with a technique to develop distinct mobile applications and increase the user engagement and loyalty, thus gamification technique has emerged which is the use of game design elements in non-games contexts. In this thesis we will study in depth the psychology behind gamification, its different frameworks and more practically a gamified app will be implemented to evaluate the effect of gamification on the user motivation and engagement.