LZI Work­shop Series: Learn 3D Mod­el­ing & Visu­al­iz­a­tion in Blender!


27.02.2023, 3pm - 6pm, in Gameslab (N5.216)
06.03.2023, 3pm - 6pm, in Gameslab (N5.216)
13.03.2023, 3pm - 6pm, in Gameslab (N5.216)

Title: Learn 3D Modeling & Visualization in Blender!
Moderation: Christopher Bernal

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From game-development, virtual/augmented reality, architecture visualization to animated movies and visual effects: 3D software packages keep gaining relevance. That is why this semester we want to provide the first pilot project focused on 3D modeling and visualization in Blender!

In this in-person workshop presented by Gameslab Paderborn and LZI you will learn the basics of the industry proven free 3D software Blender (https://www.blender.org/) and gain insights into the design of three-dimensional environments. We will limit ourselves to the topics of mesh modeling and unwrapping. Procedural geometry as well as character modeling/animation will only be touched on briefly. Here you can find a small Blender demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kik4iZp5mjE

The workshops build on one another and start at the end of Febuary. There will be 3 workshop dates in total, one per week, each 3 hours long. The workshop timetable looks as follows:
Feb 27th 2023 | 3pm–6pm
Mar 6th 2023 | 3pm–6pm
Mar 13th  2023 | 3pm–6pm

Participants without Laptop are limited to 20 seats
Participants with Laptop are limited to 6 seats

To properly take part in the workshop, a general understanding of Windows/Mac/Linux systems and their file systems is mandatory. Windows PCs can be provided by us, Mac/Linux hardware would have to be supplied by you.

Concerning questions you can send a mail to Christopher Bernal (cbernal@mail.upb.de).