Ment­or Pro­gram (for for­eign stu­dents)


The mentor program was established to accompany students with a team consisting of one university instructor and one academic assistant (called mentors), from their first semester onwards throughout their entire academic career. On the one hand, the general goal of the mentor program is to help give students orientation in their university studies. On the other hand, the program strives to give students specific information on the courses and contents of computer science, and concrete assistance if any problematic situation arises. Through direct personal contact between students and professors, it also aims at overcoming communication barriers that might exist.

Mandatory Mentor Program:

Participation in the mentoring program is obligatory for students of the Bachelor's Degree program.
Participation is recommended for Students of the Master's Degree programs.

Finding a Mentor:Together, the student council for Mathematics and Computer Science (only available in German) and the Mentor Program council assign mentors to the students of each new academic year and organize the first contact between the students and their mentors during an orientation phase (only available in German) (O-phase, "Starting your Studies"). Further group meetings - usually held once or twice a semester – take place upon invitation of the mentors or whenever needed. The mentors are also always available for individual coaching sessions.

If you want to study computer science, would like to participate in the mentor program, but have not been assigned a mentor yet or if you have lost contact with your mentor, you can have a mentor assigned to you. Just send an email to one of the following two addresses. The email should contain your surname, your last name, your field of studies and your semester, and must also include your email address as the sender. You will then receive an email notifying who your future mentor is. He or she will invite you to the mentor group meetings.

  • Students who are enrolling in a Master's Degree program in Computer Science at the University of Paderborn for the first time can send their mentor request to mentoren-master[at]
  • Students in the upper semesters of the Bachelor in Computer Science program or students in the Master's, Diploma or Teaching Degree program in Computer Science can send their emails to mentoren-oldies [at]