Degree Programs

Degree Program

The most distinguishing characteristics of the Computer Science programs at the University of Paderborn are their distinctly scientific nature, special areas of focus, and well-structured types of various academic programs. Our academic programs do not simply transmit knowledge of currently significant topics. Instead, they train students in theoretically substantiated fundamental concepts and methods that go above and beyond current trends. After graduation, our students use these fundamentals as their orientation point when they embark on pursuing successful careers as computer scientists in economic or scientific fields, and throughout their whole professional life. The entire studies program is focused on helping students reach this overall goal. This is why we teach the fundamental concepts in cross-section courses that illustrate the relationships between the subject areas, why we hand our students sound knowledge in mathematical concepts, and why we provide modules that expand and deepen their knowledge in a specific field.

The Master of Computer Science program is an internationally recognized study program and, as of 2009, can also be studied part-time. This part-time program is a new concept at the University of Paderborn, and its form is unique for the field of computer science in East Westphalia-Lippe. By introducing this part-time study program, we strive to help especially those students who either work or support a family besides pursuing their university studies.

Academic Structure

The Master of Computer Science program has a logically designed modular concept, meaning that students receive their academic credit points, except for the final thesis, by completing modular courses. The program is divided into four computer science fields, each specific course modules assigned to it:

  • Software Technology and Information Systems (SWT & IS)
  • Models and Algorithms (MuA)
  • Embedded Systems und System Software (ESS)
  • Human-Machine Interaction (MMWW) 

Students in the Master’s program have to learn German up to the level of A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – German language courses worth up to 14 ECTS points will be provided for that purpose by the International Office.