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Studierende auf der Lernfläche des Instituts für Informatik, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft
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Studierende auf der Lernfläche des Instituts für Informatik, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft

Examination Dates

The website of the Central Examination Office now lists the examination dates and all the details regarding registration for examinations. Please refer to the information listed from the central examination office for Computer Science and for Computer Engineering

Registering for Examinations

The website of the Central Examination Office lists the examination dates and all the details regarding registration for examinations. The information listed there is in German, but details on the current regulations for module examinations are located on a special page on module exams of the Central Examination Office which contains information in German and English.

Module exams within the Master program come in two variants (A and B), which are described in more detail here. To pass a module exam you have to take an oral exam for which you have to fix a date with one or two examiners. Please read the following guide for standardizing and simplifying this process and use the pre-defined eMail messages provided below.

Requesting Module Examination Dates in the Master’s Program in Computer Science

The students’ procedure for registering for and participating in module examinations includes the following steps:

  1. The exam candidate signs up in PAUL for an examination in a particular module.
  2. The candidate sends the examiners a filled out e-mail form to request an examination date. (See below for more details.)
  3. The examiner enters the agreed upon date in PAUL and notifies the Examination Office about the date. The examination date can now be seen by the candidate in PAUL.
  4. The candidate can withdraw from the exam up to one week before the examination date. (In this case, the procedure starts over at Step 1.)
  5. The examination is taken.
  6. The examiner enters the examination result in PAUL.
  7. In which language will the examination be held (German or English).

Before the candidate requests an examination date in Step 2, he/she must have the following information at hand:

  1. Name and matriculation number,
  2. The name of the module in which the examination will take place,
  3. The names of both the courses the examination will be based on,
  4. Whether one of these courses is a seminar,
  5. Whether the module is Type A or Type B. The current Type B modules are III.1.1 (Model-Based Software Development) and III.1.6 (Constructive Methods in Software Engineering). All other modules are Type A.
  6. Further module-specific information depends on the module’s type (see below).

Examination Date Request for a Type A Module Without a Seminar

If the module is Type A and none of the courses is a seminar, then an oral examination on both of the courses will take place with the instructor, or both of the instructors, on the agreed upon date.

The student must address and send the following email to the examiner, or the examiners, of both of the courses. 

Examination Date Request for a Type B Module Without a Seminar

If the module is Type B (i.e., III.1.1 and III.1.6) and none of the courses is a seminar, then the candidate decides which of the two courses will be tested as an ungraded component of the module. In an oral examination on a to-be-agreed upon date s/he will be tested predominantly about the other course. The ungraded course must be successfully completed before the oral examination takes place.

The student must address and send the following email to the examiner of the ungraded course and to the oral examiner. 

Examination Date Request for Modules with a Seminar

If one of the two courses is a seminar, an oral examination predominantly on the other course will take place on the to-be-agreed upon date. Proof of the seminar grade must be provided for the examination; the grade is included in the overall test result.

The student must address and send the following email to the course examiner and to the oral examiner.

Withdrawing from an Examination

Withdrawing from an Examination due to Medical Reason

Any student who cannot attend an examination due to medical reasons must submit an official medical certificate (signed by a doctor) and a written cancellation application no later than 5 workdays after the examination date (Saturday is a workday!). The medical certificate must prove that the candidate is unable to appear for the examination, and must be dated no later than the scheduled examination date.

If the student is too ill to submit the medical certificate in person within the permitted time, he/she must ask someone else to submit it as a proxy. If finding a proxy is not possible, it is absolute necessary that the student notifies the Central Examination Office by telephone. At any rate, it is always better to notify the examination office, no matter how, than to contact the office too late or even not at all.

This regulation applies for all Bachelor’s programs and Master’s programs in Computer Science.

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