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The current academic course catalog can be found in the Paderborn Assistant System for Universities und Education (PAUL) as well as in pTool, the Computer Science Department’s online course schedule and information center. You can find more detailed information on the currently offered Computer Science courses on the websites of the individual subject areas.The typical three types of courses offered are: lectures with accompanying exercises, seminars, and project groups. In lectures, the subject matter is presented by a university instructor in regularly held presentations. As a rule, lectures also include exercises in which students deepen their knowledge of the subject matter through group exercises or homework. For further information, see the official regulations on exercises. In seminars, each student performs independent research on a topic with the help of corresponding literature or information from other sources. The student then explains the research results to the seminar participants in a presentation, followed by a discussion and a written paper. To be granted credit for a seminar, students must prove that they understand the topic (proven by their presentation and paper), and that they can convey this understanding orally and in writing. For further information, see the official regulations on seminars. For a list of the currently offered project groups, please refer to the notices from the various computer science fields. For a brief overview, you can also refer to the information sites of the project groups in the Computer Science Department. In advanced seminars, students and graduate students present project group reports or their current Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD theses, or external speakers hold presentations. Advanced seminars are open to all participants – external audience members are always welcome

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