Cur­rent news con­cern­ing the mod­ule hand book

On this page we publish updates about modules in the current semester.

Summer semester 2018

  • As an exception, Computer Science bachelor students can select the course “Foundations of the Semantic Web” (Prof. Dr. Axel Ngonga) in the field of man-machine-interactions in accordance with the old examination regulations.

Winter semester 2017 / 18

  • In the winter semester 17 / 18 it is no longer a condition to pass the bachelor’s modules Analysis and Linear Algebra in order to take Stochastics, as opposed to the current module manual.

Summer semester 2017

  • As of today the courses Usability Engineering Practice, User Interface Modelling und Web Modelling can be combined without any restriction within the modules III.4.3, III.4.5 and III.4.6 (old exam regulations).
  • As opposed to what was published before, the course Data and Information Visualization from Prof. Domik will not be given in the summer semester 2017. Instead the class Computational Geometry from Dr. M. Fischer can be placed into the area Human-Comuter Interaction (old exam regulations).