German Literature


Status: 23.11.2016

Semester Description Type of examination ECTS
  Core Module 1    
3rd - 6th semester Introduction to Modern German Literature CC 3
3rd - 6th semester Basic Course Drama: Ancient Drama Forms and their Reception in German Literature SE 3
3rd - 6th semester Basic Course in Poetry: Poetry Analysis: Pre-War to Post-War SE 6
  Advanced Module 3      
3rd - 6th semester semester History of German literature from Lessing to Büchner (with didactic component) CC 3
3rd - 6th semester Geschichte der deutschen Literatur von Lessing bis Büchner (mit fachdidakt. Anteil) SE 6
    TOTAL 21

SE = Subject Exam, CC = Coursework Credits

If you choose this minor subject, you have to achieve 4 ECTS points within in the Inter-faculty Lectures.