Minor Sub­jects

In the English Master in Computer Science there are currently 3 possible standard minor subjects (12 ECTS): Mathematics, Economy and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. However there is no need to take any of these courses, alternatively the general education ("Studium Generale", 12 ECTS) can be taken. Furthermore every international (non-German speaking) student has to take and pass a German language course (this is not mentioned in the examination regulation). For this reason nearly all non-German speaking students take the general education with the German language course. Students not doing it this way, are already already able to speak German or learn it somewhere else.

Standard minor subjects Note
Electrical engineering  
Media studies Limited to 30 students per year
Psychology Limited to 30 students per year
Business informatics  
Appointee for minor subjects Appointee in computer science
Electrical Engineering Prof. Dr. Sybille Hellebrand
Room: P1.6.08.1
Telephone: 05251/60-3002
Fax: 05251/60-4221
Email: sybille.hellebrand[at]uni-paderborn.de
Prof. Dr. Marco Platzner
Mathematics Prof. Dr. Helge Glöckner
Room: D2.228
Telephone: 05251/60-2600
Fax: 05251/60-4204
E-Mail: glockner[at]math.uni-paderborn.de
Prof. Dr. Johannes Blömer
Media Studies Prof. Dr. Dorothee M. Meister
Room: E2.108
Telephone: 05251/60-3723
Fax: 05251/60-4224
Email: dm[at]uni-paderborn.de

For standard questions please go to the office in E2.151 or call 05251/60-3284. For complicated matters contact Prof. Meister personally.
Dr. Harald Selke
Philosophy Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber
Room: N2.101
Telephone: 05251/ 60-2308
E-Mail: ruth.hagengruber[at]uni-paderborn.de
Prof. Dr. Johannes Blömer
Psychology Prof. Dr. Ingrid Scharlau
Room: H4.129
Telephone: 05251/60-2900
E-Mail: ingrid.scharlau[at]uni-paderborn.de
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Juraj Somorovsky
Business informatics Prof. Dr. Matthias Trier
Room: Q2.448
Telephone: 05251/60-4180
Fax: 05251/60-3542
E-Mail: matthias.trier[at]unipaderborn.de
Prof. Dr. Christian Scheideler
Economics Prof. Dr.Stefan Betz
Room: Q5.149
Telephone: 05251/60-5362
Fax: 5251/60-3511
E-Mail: Eva.Papenfort(at)wiwi.upb.de
Prof. Dr. Stefan Böttcher