Protestant Theology in Computer Science


Status: 02.10.2019

Semester Description Exam type ECTS
3rd- 6th semester Basic knowledge of Protestant Theology, consisting of two basic courses with tutorial, which can be chosen freely from the basic courses and each of which is concluded with an exam Exam 6
3rd- 6th semester In-depth study of Protestant theology consisting of 3 courses in the areas: 1st Biblical Theology, 2nd Historical Theology and 3rd Systematic Theology AQP 9
3rd- 6th semester Oral examination on the contents of two of the three courses of the module in-depth Protestant Theology OP 3
    Total 18

AQP = Actively Qualified Participation
OE = Oral Exam

If you choose this minor subject, you have to complete a total of 7 ECTS credits in the Inter-faculty Lectures.