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Abgeschlossene Masterarbeiten

  • [2021] Lightweight Process Engine for Situation-specific Development of Business Models for Digital Platforms
  • [2021] Model-based Continuous Experimentation for Software Product Prototypes
  • [2021] Design and Implementation of a Crowd-based Prototype Validation Platform
  • [2021] Enabling run-time state migration between same-purpose applications of different vendors
  • [2021] Benchmarking Micro-Frontend Technologies
  • [2021] A Systematic Literature Survey on Concepts of Digitalization of Business Processes
  • [2021] Quality Assurance in Software Ecosystems using Reference Architectures
  • [2021] Platform-Independent Modelling of  Cross-Device Applications
  • [2021] Comparative Usability Evaluation between Mixed Reality and In-Person Guiding Techniques
  • [2021] Feature-Component-Test-Mapping für die Bewertung der Feature-Qualität
  • [2021] Development of an AR Assistance System for Interior Design Tasks
  • [2021] Collaborative House Planning in Virtual Reality
  • [2020] Development of an Augmented Reality Environment for Resuscitation Training
  • [2020] Development Framework for Multi-User Cross-Device AR Applications
  • [2020] Development of a Usability Evaluation Framework for AR/VR Applications
  • [2020] Using Augmented Reality for Enhancing Planning and Measurements in the Scaffolding Business
  • [2020] Domain Specific Language for Process-Aware Augmented Reality Applications
  • [2020] Model-Driven Development of Multi-Platform Augmented Reality Applications
  • [2020] Feasibility of Using Micro-Frontends for Liquid Applications
  • [2020] Implementation and Evaluation of a Virtual Reality Interface for Robot Programming
  • [2020] Systematic Literature Review on Tolerance in Model-Driven Engineering
  • [2020] Augmented Reality Indoor/Outdoor Navigation Framework for Android
  • [2020] Automatic Transformation of SysML Models to Event-B Models
  • [2020] Consistency Management based on Triple Graph Grammars with Graph Constraints
  • [2020] Using Augmented Reality to Enhance Robot Debugging
  • [2020] Augmented Reality Assisted Hybrid Robot Programming
  • [2020] Feasibility Analysis of Rule-based Validations in Distributed Software Systems
  • [2020] Model-Based Product Configuration in Augmented Reality Applications
  • [2020] Visualization of Concurrent Synchronization Processes based on Triple Graph Grammars
  • [2020] Enhancing Adaptive UIs through Understandability, Transparency, and User Control
  • [2020] A Framework for Measurable Value Propositions of Mobile Applications
  • [2020] Enhancing the Development of Virtual Reality Applications through End-User Development
  • [2020] Implementation and Evaluation of a Graphical User Interface for Human-Robot Interaction
  • [2019] Digital Maturity Model for Event Management
  • [2018] Integration of Adaptive UI’s in Mobile Applications and their Data-driven Usability Evaluation
  • [2018] A Natural Language Interface for On-Demand Energy Data Visualization
  • [2018] Quality Assurance of Adaptive User Interfaces
  • [2016] Model-driven Development of User Interfaces with Rule-based Adaptation
  • [2015] Model-driven Development of User Interfaces integrating HCI Patterns

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