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Open Master Theses

On this website you can find an overview of the theses we are currently offering. If you don't find a suitable topic among the theses, then simply have a look at our research topics for an area of interest and ask the contact person. Please also include relevant details about your current knowledge and previous experience in the domain of your request.

A Scalable nad Extensible Architecture for a Crowd-based Prototype Validation Platform

One of the most critical aspects of developing successful products is the early feedback of potential customers. Here, customers can provide iterative feedback on prototypes prior to the actual development. However, there is a lack of information systems that can handle the iterative feedback from a crowd of potential customers and, therefore, reduce uncertainties in product development. In our project KOVAS, we have developed in the past design principles for a crowd-based prototype validation platform. On this platform, developers can present their prototypes and receive iterative feedback from a selected crowd of potential customers (see Fig. 1). Both the prototype and the feedback can have various ways (see Fig. 2). To increase the useability of such an approach, this thesis aims to develop a scalable and extensible architecture for such a platform based on these design principles.


•    Literature Review on CrowdSourcing-Techniques, Rapid Prototying and Scalable Architectures
•    Conception of a Scalable and Extensible Architecture for a Crowd-based Prototyp Validation Platform
•    Design and Prototypical Implementation of the Tool
•    Evaluation based on a User Study

Further details regarding the topic and tasks can be found in the attached PDF file.


Sebastian Gottschalk


The University for the Information Society