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  • [MA] Development of an AR Assistance System for Interior Design Tasks
  • [MA] Collaborative House Planning in Virtual Reality
  • [BA] Virtual Reality Workspaces for Trading
  • [BA] Augmented Reality-Assisted Assessment of Workplace Ergonomy
  • [MA] Comparative Usability Evaluation between Mixed Reality and In-Person Guiding Techniques
  • [MA] Evaluation of Blazors’(Client/Server) Suitability for use in an Evolutionary, Continuous Delivery, DevOps Approach
  • [BA] Sensor-Daten-Erfassung mittels kommerzieller Highend-Smartphones zur Generierung von virtuellen Simulationsszenarien
  • [MA] Model-based Continuous Experimentation for Software Product Prototypes
  • [MA] A Remote Usability Testing Framework for Web Applications
  • [MA] Feature-Component-Test-Mapping für die Bewertung der Feature-Qualität
  • [MA] Design and Implementation of a Crowd-based Prototype Validation Platform
  • [BA] Development and Evaluation of a Multi Platform Approach for Augmented Reality Product Configuration
  • [MA] Step-wise Visualization of Model Transformation Processes

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