Git Server

The IRB provides a Git(lab) Server for students and faculty.

You can create and manage repositories yourself on the server's web interface.
We use GitLab, which is functionally similar to GitHub.

Server access requires the same permissions as our pool room computers, so if you can access these, you can access the GitLab interface. If you cannot yet login to our pool computers, or are unsure if you can, see the relevant section here.

Important Notice: Before you can add other users to your repository, they will each need to have logged in to the GitLab web interface at least once.

Important Notice: Due to technical concerns we recommend that you prefer our dedicated Wiki server to the Wikis built into GitLab,.

Repository are reachable via the following methods, both externally and from within the university. The exact URIs are shown on the repo's page in the web interface.

  • SSH:<user>/<repo-name>.git

    To use SSH (which we strongly advise),  you will need to have added your SSH-Public-Key to your Gitlab profile. This limits your password to the one used to encrypt your local ssh key, if you've chosen to encrypt it (which we also recommend).

  • HTTPS:<user>/<repo-name>.git

    HTTPS access requires only your IMT credentials; these will have to be entered on each access to the repo.

Additional users can be granted access via each repo's settings page; they will each need to have logged into the web interface at least once before access rights can be granted.

Access to the GitLab server for external collaborators is possible. Please apply for an IMT Guest Account for each person that requires access. The procedure to do so is documented at the IMT Wiki. It is possible that you will need to activate the "IT-Dieste für Informatiker" (CS Department IT Services) for each accout, which is documented here. Please be aware of the above notice regarding initial logins.