Wiki Server

The IRB mantains a Wiki Server. The currently used wiki software is FosWiki.

The IRB Wiki server is backed by the IMT LDAP server; additional registration is thus not needed. User your usual IMT credentials to log in; Kerberos is supported, too.

Please note that you will need to have enabled the IT-Services for CS in the IMT ServicePortal before you can access the server. CS Department Affiliates will need to be issued an IMT Guest Account.

You can link to your account inside the wiki using your WikiName, which is composed of your first and last names. For example, a user named "Jane Mary Doe" would have the WikiName JaneMaryDoe.

Groups are linked to IMT Groups, which enables easy and dynamic management of access controls. Please contact the IMT to request a group.

You can reference a group via their WikiName, which consists of the concenated alphanumeric components of your group name, written in CamelCase, with the word "Group" appended. For example, a group named webteam-cs would receive the WikiName WebteamCsGroup.

You may request a wiki via email to our support address. Please make sure that your email mentions

  • the name of your new wiki
  • at least one administrator for the wiki ­— usually yourself

You will be notified when your wiki is ready. This usually takes less than a day.

The Wiki server supports plugins to allow for extended functionality. A list of currently installed plugins and guides for each of these is found on this Wiki page. Please contact us if you are interested in additional plugins from this list.